CaNerDUH Presents: This Day In History for Mystic BBS
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# CaNerDUH Presents:
## This Day In History for Mystic BBS
This Mystic BBS mod which will display show random events from
This Day In History. It is written with Mystic Python (MPY).
This mod uses [] as it's data source.
It could be modified to download the json directly; however I prefer
to download it once a day to keep from polling the website too often.
There is usually a large list of events each day. By default this mod
will just pick 5 random events (and display them in chronological order)
each time it runs.
## Installation
### Requirements
1. Python 3 working with Mystic BBS
2. curl (to Download the JSON file)
3. Python 3 unidecode module
apt-get install python3-unidecode
pip3 install unidecode
### Files
1. Copy tdih.mpy to the scripts folder for your theme
2. Copy the tdih.ans to the text folder for your theme
### Cron job
In order to automate the downloading of the events each day you will need
a cron job similar to this:
0 0 * * * curl -s -o /mystic/tdih.json
Just edit the path to the root directory of your Mystic BBS.
### Mystic Configuration
Use the following Meny Command Options
Command: GZ
Data: tdih
(I like to launch mine from the prelogin menu.)